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I talk with Kevin Wines about his kidnapping at the hands of the MethGator movement. 

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Knoxville Filmmaker Jeff Snell is on his way to creating the greatest movie of all time. METH GATOR.

I talk to him about it. 

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Kelly Burke talks his first entry into a Tennessee 10 "Best of the Best" Film Competition. And I ramble about the 11th year of the 7 Day Shootout. But I keep it BRIEF.

Both local film screenings take place at the Knoxville Film Festival on September 13-15 at Regal Downtown West Cinema 8. 

Get tickets at

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Rose Marie Machario is an author, actress, model and Host of the web series DREAM BIG where she interviews aspiring creatives about their pursuits and also shares her own creative journey. Season 4 drops on February 18th.

Learn more at:

And watch DREAM BIG on Youtube:
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Also learn more about the TN10 Filmmaking Competition:


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