Talking Indies in my Undies

A couple quick conversations with Knoxville Filmmakers Jamison Stalsworth and Gabriel Crutchfield about their entry's in the Knox Film Fest's 7 Day shootout. 

The Knoxville Film festival is taking place September 18-20. Visit for more details.  

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A few BRIEF words about this Year's 7 Day Shootout for the Knox Film Fest. 

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I talk with Kevin Wines about his kidnapping at the hands of the MethGator movement. 

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Knoxville Filmmaker Jeff Snell is on his way to creating the greatest movie of all time. METH GATOR.

I talk to him about it. 

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Kelly Burke talks his first entry into a Tennessee 10 "Best of the Best" Film Competition. And I ramble about the 11th year of the 7 Day Shootout. But I keep it BRIEF.

Both local film screenings take place at the Knoxville Film Festival on September 13-15 at Regal Downtown West Cinema 8. 

Get tickets at

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Rose Marie Machario is an author, actress, model and Host of the web series DREAM BIG where she interviews aspiring creatives about their pursuits and also shares her own creative journey. Season 4 drops on February 18th.

Learn more at:

And watch DREAM BIG on Youtube:
Dream Big YouTube Channel

Also learn more about the TN10 Filmmaking Competition:


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The Southern Oasis Film Festival is planning it's first year in Knoxville in January.

Fest Director Thomas Moore gets in his undies and discusses the origins and vision for the fest.

We also address the controversy and resistance to a new film festival for Knoxville's film community.

Go to for more information about the festival including the Two Week Twister and the general submissions.

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I'm joined by fellow East TN filmmaker, Nicholas Crockett, to discuss the TN10 "Best of the Best" Filmmaking challenge that we both participated in earlier this summer. The screening for the TN10 is this weekend at the Knox Film Fest. Nick's movie is called "THE HERETIC IN LOWLAND" and mine is called "WE SAW A BRIGHT SPOT ON THE MOON." We discuss the making of these movies and share excitement for this weekend's screening. For tickets ($10) go to or just show up at Regal Downtown West movie theater on Friday September 14th, at 7pm. 

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After participating in the Knox Film Fest's 7 Day shootout filmmaking competition, I ramble some thoughts about it. 

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I talk 2018 Scruffy City Film and Music festival along with a few other News updates for Knoxville film Community folks. As always, I keep it brief.    


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In this episode I speak with Knoxville Filmmakers Jeff Delaney, Ginny Beld, Sam Comer and Jeremy Lowry about their entries into the 2018 54 Film Fest. 

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I ramble about Post Retro Productions' Alt History 7 Day shootout submission titled, THE OFFERING. And also few short words about conspiracy theories and a new Knoxville filmmaking podcast called "4 Reels" Hosted by filmmaker Kelly Burke and yours truly. 

The Offering Short film

4 Reels podcast

TN10 Blu-ray

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I'm joined via telephone with
Jeremy Lowery and Chuck Morgan from Twin Pines Pictures
Gabriel Crutchfield from Atomic Oasis Productions
Edy Recendez from Far Films

We discuss our experience of creating a short film for Knoxville's 54 Film Fest. 

The screening is April 22nd at 4pm at Downtown West Movie theater in Knoxville. More info can be found at

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Legendary Burlesque performer Laura Mullaney (AKA Hellcat Harlowe & Miz Kitty) joins to talk fringe arts and UFO's. Knoxville 54 Film Fest organizer Jamison Stalsworth talks this years festival.  

See more info and sign up at

Thanks to Jeff Delaney for the dream audio and for the poetry. 

Contact your host @jacobpostretro

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In this episode we break down the short Film AURA that I created for the 2016 Knoxville Film Festival's 7 Day Shootout. 

Check out the short film here:

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So the 7 day shootout went down last week. We were successful in turning in a short film on time. (praise the heavens) In this episode I discuss a few details about that short film. Then I reminisce about all the 7 day shootouts that i've participated in since 2009. This was a late night episode, so it's extra dreamy for my dreamy friends.

Music in this episode is by Kevin Humler who provided the music for the score of our 2016 7 day shootout entry titled AURA. 

Check out the 7 Day shootout as part of the KNOXVILLE FILM FESTIVAL from August 26-28th. Find more info at

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As you may have noticed, I'm taking a step back as your favorite Knoxville filmmaking podcast. The Knoxville Film Festival's organizer, Keith McDaniel, has started a new podcast called "Tennessee Filmmaker." This will be the place where you can find news and info regarding East Tennessee filmmaking. I talk about this transition in this brief 4 minute podcast. 

TN Filmmaker: The podcast

Also available on iTunes.

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In this episode I discuss many aspects of my experience at the 2016 54 Film Fest creating a musical short film called, RONNIE JOINS A ROCK BAND. 

Check out the movie:

A link to the soundtrack by Deconbrio:

At the 11:40 mark of the podcast I address the controversy with the ballot stuffing/fraudulent voting for the Second Block's audience favorite award.

Say hello at

or @jacobpostretro 

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A few brief words about the 2016 54 Film Fest happening this weekend. (4/1-4/3) I reveal a few of my teammates  for this year's competition. (Still keeping a few close to the chest tho)

Learn more at


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Mike Stanley is something of a local legend in Knoxville's film community. He's been a working actor for the past 20 years. In this episode we get in our undies and discuss some of the pitfalls that actors can stumble into. Mike does a great job of educating my brain on many aspects of an actors life, which I consider valuable information for anyone in the world of film and video. 

Mike Stanley can be found at


Twitter: @actorMStanley 

Check out some of his competition and short film works at

have a good one, team.

As always, you can find me on twitter @jacobpostretro

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We start this episode with a few words about the East TN Film Gala event with Knoxville Filmmaker, Gabriel Crutchfield. Then around 7:00 minutes in to the show, I speak with Danny Rendo, Singer/songwriter of the Knoxville based electronic/industrial rockband, Deconbrio. He educates my brain on the value and responsibility of live performance while taking me on a journey into the world of a DIY musician.

The East TN Film Gala's Facebook event page (going down TONIGHT)

Gabriel Crutchfield's website

Deconbrio's Nightmares before Christmas holiday party event page

Check out more at

Link to the music video THE NOISE I directed for deconbrio

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The Ghost Motel is an online web series out of Knoxville, Tn by professional sound wizard, Dylen Terflinger. 
I sitdown with Dylen to discuss his new web series, which is a multi tracked and multi camera live music showcase and can be viewed at

Holla at yo host @jacobpostretro

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Drew Corl (Bone) and Jason Esty (Arkady) are two of the founding members of and the club event, Sanctus. 

As Knoxville's alternative dance night Temple celebrates it's 11th year I sit down and speak with Bone and Arkady about the history of the alternative scene starting in the early 90's. We talk about the venues and attitudes which make Knoxville a hub for the dark and creative. 

Bone and Arkady will be spinning with resident DJ Fallen at Temple on November 21st

Learn more about temple at

And the old website forum discussed over this podcast

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Mitch Moore's East Tennessee web series STATE OF FRANKLIN is starting it's second season, so I invited Mitch to talk with me about the new episode and the previous eight from season 1. 

Check out the series on youtube at:

film Gala at TN Theatre info at


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'Storyboarding Essentials' Authors David Harland Rousseau and Benjamin Reid Phillips enlighten my brain about storyboarding.

David Harland Rousseau is an American actor, writer, and director. "The award-winning illustrator teaches drawing and design courses in the School of Foundation Studies at Savannah College of Art and Design."

Benjamin Reid Phillips is an award-winning illustrator and sequential artist whose works have been featured in the Cartoon Art Museum's Monsters of Webcomics series and in the comic adaptation of FOX's hit TV series, Family Guy, for Devil's Due Entertainment. He teaches drawing and sequential art courses at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Rousseau and Phillips are the co-authors of the bestselling, 'Storyboarding Essentials: How to Translate Your Story to the Screen for Film, TV, and Other Media', published by Random House.

The book on amazon:

Grindhouse Grindout Competition Website

Water fluoridation freaks me out

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This is the first live podcast.

Cassidy Graves and Ben Neal talk about their new short film, EIGHTEEN. 

Chad Cunningham stops by to talk about plans for using his $20k winnings from the 7 Day Shootout to translate his short film SPACE CADET into a feature.

Kelly Burke screens GASOLINE and we talk filmmaking. 

The screened short films are edited out of the podcast, but otherwise, this is a live show from Scruffy City Hall in Knoxville, TN. 

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The Knoxville Film Festival 7 Day shootout Screening and award show happened this weekend. A $20k grand prize was up for grabs to the winning filmmakers. Get the story... I promise to keep it brief. 

Live show September 30th from 7-8pm at Scruffy City Hall, Downtown Knoxville. 

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This week I speak with new school filmmaking savages Chad Cunningham and Nick Grahl. Nick brought two teammates into the conversation and it was great to meet Brandon Bell and Michael Twombley.

The Knoxville film festival is going down THIS WEEK. Check out details at and don't miss any of the fun. 

$20k is on the line... in other words, It's going down.

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Trying something new.... there is a guest host today, folks!

Filmmaker Kelly Burke speaks with Keith McDaniel, Director of the Knoxville Film Festival.
Keith breaks the silence with his reactions to the 7 Day Shootout Films and gives great information about the 2015 Knoxville Film Festival. 

Big thanks to Kelly Burke for conducting the interview.

Learn more about the festival at

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Today I talk with 3 filmmakers from Knoxville TN about their entry into the 2015 Knoxville Film Festival's 7 Day shootout. Todays guests are Sam Comer, Michael Golebiewski, and Jeff Delaney.

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Today I speak with 3 seperate filmmakers who just completed short films for Knoxville's 7 day shootout. They give their experiences as I get even more excited about the screening of the films on September 18th 2015.

Todays guests are Ronnie George, Michael Samstag, and Jamison Stalsworth.

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I'm sure there will be much more to come on next month's Knoxville Film Festival, but we just turned in our entry last night for the 2015 7 Day Shootout. Here are a few words on that process. 

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Coming up with an idea for a short film that could be expanded into a feature length film is a tough task. I chime in with a few thoughts and updates.

More Enigmatic Foe music at


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The Knoxville Film Festival's Keith McDaniel had an unprecedented announcement to make reguarding this year's seven day shootout. He invited dozens of Knoxville's filmmakers to is home and I brought a mic. I spoke with Keith about the new GRAND PRIZE this year. Also, I get reactions from a handful of film fest participants, including Mike Stanley, Kelly Burke, Jeff Delaney, Dale Fisher, Elizabeth Gibson, Tiffany Gutridge, and Mitch Moore.

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This is my conversation with Knoxville filmmaking extraordinaire, Luke Dye. We travel back in time to the early days of the filmmaking supergroup, REPLY ALL. Then Luke raps bars of fire as we spiritually navigate the unknowns of the future.

Check out some of Luke's short films at

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Is live streaming video the future of entertainment? Let's find out...

Joe Grossmans a Knoxville Filmmaker and human encyclopedia of gaming knowledge. He streams live video games on under the alias of 8BitHero. We explore this new medium of entertainment, and the filmmaking techniques used while performing to audience.  

Check it out here.



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Knoxville's Film Commisioner, Curt Willis, stops by to discuss the state of filmmaking in East Tennessee. 
Check out the Visit Knoxville Film Office website at

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Knoxville's own Kelly Burke has been making no-budget films since the early 2000's and he swings by to discuss his new film projects. While he's here I get his experienced take on Knoxville's film community and festivals. 

Check out Kelly at

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"Is DIY equipment that much worse than the real thing?"

"Why do Indie film writers feel the need to make these overly dramatic pieces? Where's the humor?"

Podcast listener Chuck Morgan sent two questions which I attempt to answer in this episode. I promise to keep it brief.

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Dr. Moon Rat AKA Jamison Stalsworth talks with me about his 54 Hour Film Fest project, "The Straw Man." We talk his success at the KHFF's Grindhouse Grind Out competiton.

Find Jamison's youtube page at

More info for the screening of THE STRAW MAN at

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I speak with Michael Golebiewski, 

Jeremy W Lowery & Chuck Morgan,

and Gabriel Crutchfield

about their experience with the 2015 54Film Fest in Knoxville, TN

Direct download: 54_experiences_1.m4a
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Knoxville's 54 Film Fest begins on March 27th so I invited the Fest's Organizers, James and Chris, in to discuss their plans for this Year's film Competition.

Contact and more info at


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After a few request I do a quick review of a few movies, including, Power/Rangers, Robocop, Nightcrawler, and Birdman. And we get a quick message from our podcast DJ, Dr. Pistacula, who took a break from feasting on the soul of a local lot lizard to say hello. 


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Today we briefly explore the Lost City of Atlantis and the connection of Sacred Geometry to ancient cultures and secrets. Expand your consciousness to mirror the Magi of aniquity. Audio clip of Randell Carlson borrowed from his website,

Holla @jacobpostretro

Direct download: sacred_geometry_-_2_16_15_11.51_AM.m4a
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Today I discuss the importance of self-confidence when it comes to creativity, and give a few example of ways that you can boost that confidence level. As always, I promise to keep it brief.

Twitter @jacobpostretro

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Some cool events for filmmmakers and enthusiasts in Knoxville.

KHFF Monthly event :

The Public Cinema :

Scruffy City Film & Music Fest info at

Twitter @jacobpostretro

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This is a follow up episode of the mysterious murder/suicide of filmmaker, David Crowley. In this episode I speculate on many of the conspiracy theories surrounding the situation and ask the important question, "Where is the line, if crossed, that the government will kill you and murder your family?"

Please watch part 1 of this story to understand the context in which I rant in part 2.

Direct download: part_2_-_1_30_15_6.34_PM_2.m4a
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M dot Strange is an Animator, Filmmaker, Game Developer, Musician, and Author. After hearing about a guy who made 3 animated feature films with no budget or crew, I knew that I needed to talk to this dude.

Learn more at


Direct download: Mdotstrange_podcast_2.m4a
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David Crowley is a filmmaker who was recently found dead, along with his wife and child, in his home in recent days. I speculate about the pressures many people feel while under the obligation of crowd funding campaigns. Can a kickstarter kill ya? The strange case of David Crowley gives enough evidence to say... maybe.

Direct download: drowley.m4a
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Mitch stops by to discuss the webseries he created called, STATE OF FRANKLIN. We get to pick Mitch's brain about how to pull off a webseries and get to know him a bit in the process. 

Link to the first episode of STATE OF FRANKLIN

Mitch's facebook page

Thanks guys

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A brief 6 minute recap of some highlights of 2014 and a couple cool bits of Knoxville filmmaking news for 2015. Including Knoxville Horror film fest's monthly event on January 7th and Mitch Moore's webseries, STATE OF FRANKLIN.

Twitter: @jacobpostretro

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Discussing Knoxville Film's event on December 18th and a few words about Knoxville's 54 Film Fest.

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Today we educate our brains on the mysterious, sub-glacial Lake Vostok in Antartica. I use audio editing in hopes of recreating the information heard on an episode of Coast to Coast Am with Art Bell, and Guest, Richard Hoagland, in a weird way.

This story was the inspiration for a short film titled, Agent of Chaos, that I made in 2013.

And a link to the original article by Richard Hoagland.

@jacobpostretro on Twitter

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In an ever expanding digial space, how important is the use of Advertising? 

The use of advertising on the web is growing whether you like it, or not. Let's talk it. I promise to keep it brief.

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Hi friends. This is an update on some film stuff I'm doing and a solo discussion on the "Open Screen" event at The Birdhouse in Knoxville.


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I speak with Michael Samstag (festival director of the newly announced Scruffy City Film and Music Festival) about the changes expected for next year, including the decision to discontinue the Knoxville 24 hour film festival after a 5 year run. 

Get some.

Direct download: samstag_-_10_9_14_1.32_PM.m4a
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I recently released a music video for Divided We Stand called "Saboteur." As I began to think about the creativitiy behind images inspired directly by music, I grabbed a mic, but kept it brief.

Youtube link to music video

Direct download: music_vid_briefs.m4a
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Jeff Delaney is an actor and filmmaker from East Tennesse with 20+ years experience in show business. We sit down to discuss the Knoxville Film Festival, his films, and his retirement from professional acting in this episode. 

Check out Jeff's films on youtube

As always, thanks for listening and feel free to say hello on our facebook page.


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Our submission to the 7 Day shootout film competition is called ABDUCTED!. It screened. Get the scoop... I promise to keep it Brief.

ABDUCTED! on Vimeo

Direct download: KFF_briefs.m4a
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The action movie that we created is called "Abducted!" 

This is the final episode of the process of making a No-Budget Short film over the course of a Week for the Knoxville 7 Day shootout. 

Focus your third eye on the Facebook page if you wanna keep up with the other stories and interviews.

Thanks for the fun, Team.

Direct download: final_briefs.m4a
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There will be a total of 9 episodes. I am cleaning audio and coloring. 

Direct download: briefs_-_7_day_shoot_out_Day8.m4a
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Somehow our Day's and Episodes have gotten out of wack. Anyway, I learned that I have an extra 24 hours to complete the film. Picture is locked and being scored by Jared Colinger currently.

Direct download: 7_day_day_7.m4a
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I'm editing.

Direct download: briefs_7_day_day_6.m4a
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The weather forced a script change. So we did that. We shot the movie today. 
Mike Stanley, Shelly Bryant, and Austin Webb collaborated as actors as we shot this adventure movie in Lenoir City, TN.

Direct download: 7_day_day_5.m4a
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Things take a strange turn as I return to square one, come up with a new plan, and become sleep deprived. Visited my friends at Temple Dance night, and came home and I'm now talking to you. The shoot begins tomorrow. 

Direct download: 7day_day_4.m4a
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Had to give a shout out to J.C. Ratliff on this. Still speculating on what movie to make...

Direct download: 7_day_day_3.m4a
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Day 2 of the 7 Day Film competition is underway. I'm still trying to come up with an idea to shoot...

Trying to shoot a No-Budget 7 short film in 7 days. It's kinda working so far.

Direct download: 7_day_day_2.m4a
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Just got back from the kick off of Knoxville Film Festival's 7 Day shootout. This is day one of the competion updates.

Direct download: 7_day_shootout_day_1.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 11:26pm EDT

Let's talk the Knoxville 7 day shootout, but let's keep it brief. 

Direct download: Briefs_-_7dayshootout.m4a
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Knoxville based comedian, J.C. Ratliff, joins me for deep exploration into the life of a touring bar comic while enlightening my brain with dirty jokes. 

J.C. Ratliff is recording his stand-up comedy album on August 15th at Sassy Anne's in Knoxville, TN. It's a free show, but you must register on this Facebook event page for instuctions on how to attend.

Follow more tales of J.C. Ratliff at & @JCRatliffComedy

And as always, you can find me at 

@jacobpostretro &

Direct download: j.c._podcast_low.m4a
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Knoxville standup comedian and open mic host, Collin Gerberding, sits down with me and educates my brain on all things local comedy. If you are feeling froggy and want to express your inner comedian check out Collin's Open Mic Night at

Here is another spot for the comedian in ya.

As always, stop by the Talking indies in my undies Facebook page and drop a digital greeting along with anything else you are dying to tell me. 

Thanks team.

Direct download: colin_g_podcast_real_2.m4a
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Oh lord! The Knoxville 24 Hour film festival changes locations from the Bijou Theater to the Scruffy City Hall. Let's weigh the pro's and cons and get crazy, y'all. 

Direct download: 24_hour_podcast_real_-_5_12_14_8.26_AM.m4a
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A short podcast expressing the importance of 3 overlooked aspects of NO-BUDGET filmmaking. 

Direct download: 3things_briefs_real_2.m4a
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Knoxville Film Festival's Director, Keith Mcdaniel, joins me in a conversation about all things Fest. 

Catch up with Keith at


Thanks Team.

Direct download: Keith_Mcdaniel_podcast_trim.m4a
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Filmmaker Gabriel Crutchfield drops potential clues into an alternate reality game while sitting down with me to discuss a few of his short films that he writes and directs for Atomic Oasis Productions. Check out their work at

And on facebook at

And as always come say hi to me at

Thanks Team.

Direct download: Gabriel_Crutchfield_podcast_full.m4a
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Jared Colinger is the singer of the band ENIGMATIC FOE, and is a DIY musician with two full length records and numerous EP's under his belt. Jared and I sit down to discuss the harsh realities of modern indie music promotion, creating musical scores for film, and his songwriting and home recodings.

Check out the Enigmatic Foe at

And on facebook at


Download a bunch of free tracks at

Direct download: jared_and_jake_pod_new_new.m4a
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Jay Harris is the Founder of the Alternative/Goth Dance event in Knoxville, TEMPLE. Temple is celebrating its 10th year as Jay and I discuss the goth subculture while exploring E-Cigarrettes and conspiracy theories.  Check out TEMPLE at

f you wanna breathe life back into, sign up. I'll see you there.

Give the FB page a LIKE if you wanna stay up to date with episodes of this podcast.

Thanks Team!

Direct download: jay_and_jake_podcast.m4a
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Michael and I discuss No-Budget filmmaking at my home in Knoxville, TN.

Direct download: jacob_michael_podcast_-_3_22_14_12.06_PM_pt_2.m4a
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Michael and I discuss No-Budget filmmaking from my home in Knoxville, TN. 

Direct download: jacob_michael_podcast_-_3_22_14_12.02_PM_pt1.m4a
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There can only be a few Brittany Spears' and Bono's in the world. This is an interview podcast with creative individules who you've never heard of. 

Direct download: podcast_1_-_3_20_14_7.08_PM.m4a
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