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Discussing Knoxville Film's event on December 18th and a few words about Knoxville's 54 Film Fest.

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Today we educate our brains on the mysterious, sub-glacial Lake Vostok in Antartica. I use audio editing in hopes of recreating the information heard on an episode of Coast to Coast Am with Art Bell, and Guest, Richard Hoagland, in a weird way.

This story was the inspiration for a short film titled, Agent of Chaos, that I made in 2013.

And a link to the original article by Richard Hoagland.

@jacobpostretro on Twitter

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In an ever expanding digial space, how important is the use of Advertising? 

The use of advertising on the web is growing whether you like it, or not. Let's talk it. I promise to keep it brief.

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Hi friends. This is an update on some film stuff I'm doing and a solo discussion on the "Open Screen" event at The Birdhouse in Knoxville.


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I speak with Michael Samstag (festival director of the newly announced Scruffy City Film and Music Festival) about the changes expected for next year, including the decision to discontinue the Knoxville 24 hour film festival after a 5 year run. 

Get some.

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I recently released a music video for Divided We Stand called "Saboteur." As I began to think about the creativitiy behind images inspired directly by music, I grabbed a mic, but kept it brief.

Youtube link to music video

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Jeff Delaney is an actor and filmmaker from East Tennesse with 20+ years experience in show business. We sit down to discuss the Knoxville Film Festival, his films, and his retirement from professional acting in this episode. 

Check out Jeff's films on youtube

As always, thanks for listening and feel free to say hello on our facebook page.


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Our submission to the 7 Day shootout film competition is called ABDUCTED!. It screened. Get the scoop... I promise to keep it Brief.

ABDUCTED! on Vimeo

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The action movie that we created is called "Abducted!" 

This is the final episode of the process of making a No-Budget Short film over the course of a Week for the Knoxville 7 Day shootout. 

Focus your third eye on the Facebook page if you wanna keep up with the other stories and interviews.

Thanks for the fun, Team.

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There will be a total of 9 episodes. I am cleaning audio and coloring. 

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