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I ramble about Post Retro Productions' Alt History 7 Day shootout submission titled, THE OFFERING. And also few short words about conspiracy theories and a new Knoxville filmmaking podcast called "4 Reels" Hosted by filmmaker Kelly Burke and yours truly. 

The Offering Short film

4 Reels podcast

TN10 Blu-ray

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I'm joined via telephone with
Jeremy Lowery and Chuck Morgan from Twin Pines Pictures
Gabriel Crutchfield from Atomic Oasis Productions
Edy Recendez from Far Films

We discuss our experience of creating a short film for Knoxville's 54 Film Fest. 

The screening is April 22nd at 4pm at Downtown West Movie theater in Knoxville. More info can be found at

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Legendary Burlesque performer Laura Mullaney (AKA Hellcat Harlowe & Miz Kitty) joins to talk fringe arts and UFO's. Knoxville 54 Film Fest organizer Jamison Stalsworth talks this years festival.  

See more info and sign up at

Thanks to Jeff Delaney for the dream audio and for the poetry. 

Contact your host @jacobpostretro

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