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After a few request I do a quick review of a few movies, including, Power/Rangers, Robocop, Nightcrawler, and Birdman. And we get a quick message from our podcast DJ, Dr. Pistacula, who took a break from feasting on the soul of a local lot lizard to say hello. 


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Today we briefly explore the Lost City of Atlantis and the connection of Sacred Geometry to ancient cultures and secrets. Expand your consciousness to mirror the Magi of aniquity. Audio clip of Randell Carlson borrowed from his website,

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Today I discuss the importance of self-confidence when it comes to creativity, and give a few example of ways that you can boost that confidence level. As always, I promise to keep it brief.

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Some cool events for filmmmakers and enthusiasts in Knoxville.

KHFF Monthly event :

The Public Cinema :

Scruffy City Film & Music Fest info at

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