Talking Indies in my Undies

The action movie that we created is called "Abducted!" 

This is the final episode of the process of making a No-Budget Short film over the course of a Week for the Knoxville 7 Day shootout. 

Focus your third eye on the Facebook page if you wanna keep up with the other stories and interviews.

Thanks for the fun, Team.

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There will be a total of 9 episodes. I am cleaning audio and coloring. 

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Somehow our Day's and Episodes have gotten out of wack. Anyway, I learned that I have an extra 24 hours to complete the film. Picture is locked and being scored by Jared Colinger currently.

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I'm editing.

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The weather forced a script change. So we did that. We shot the movie today. 
Mike Stanley, Shelly Bryant, and Austin Webb collaborated as actors as we shot this adventure movie in Lenoir City, TN.

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Things take a strange turn as I return to square one, come up with a new plan, and become sleep deprived. Visited my friends at Temple Dance night, and came home and I'm now talking to you. The shoot begins tomorrow. 

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Had to give a shout out to J.C. Ratliff on this. Still speculating on what movie to make...

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Day 2 of the 7 Day Film competition is underway. I'm still trying to come up with an idea to shoot...

Trying to shoot a No-Budget 7 short film in 7 days. It's kinda working so far.

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Just got back from the kick off of Knoxville Film Festival's 7 Day shootout. This is day one of the competion updates.

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Let's talk the Knoxville 7 day shootout, but let's keep it brief. 

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Knoxville based comedian, J.C. Ratliff, joins me for deep exploration into the life of a touring bar comic while enlightening my brain with dirty jokes. 

J.C. Ratliff is recording his stand-up comedy album on August 15th at Sassy Anne's in Knoxville, TN. It's a free show, but you must register on this Facebook event page for instuctions on how to attend.

Follow more tales of J.C. Ratliff at & @JCRatliffComedy

And as always, you can find me at 

@jacobpostretro &

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