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This is a follow up episode of the mysterious murder/suicide of filmmaker, David Crowley. In this episode I speculate on many of the conspiracy theories surrounding the situation and ask the important question, "Where is the line, if crossed, that the government will kill you and murder your family?"

Please watch part 1 of this story to understand the context in which I rant in part 2.

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M dot Strange is an Animator, Filmmaker, Game Developer, Musician, and Author. After hearing about a guy who made 3 animated feature films with no budget or crew, I knew that I needed to talk to this dude.

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David Crowley is a filmmaker who was recently found dead, along with his wife and child, in his home in recent days. I speculate about the pressures many people feel while under the obligation of crowd funding campaigns. Can a kickstarter kill ya? The strange case of David Crowley gives enough evidence to say... maybe.

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Mitch stops by to discuss the webseries he created called, STATE OF FRANKLIN. We get to pick Mitch's brain about how to pull off a webseries and get to know him a bit in the process. 

Link to the first episode of STATE OF FRANKLIN

Mitch's facebook page

Thanks guys

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A brief 6 minute recap of some highlights of 2014 and a couple cool bits of Knoxville filmmaking news for 2015. Including Knoxville Horror film fest's monthly event on January 7th and Mitch Moore's webseries, STATE OF FRANKLIN.

Twitter: @jacobpostretro

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