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In this episode we break down the short Film AURA that I created for the 2016 Knoxville Film Festival's 7 Day Shootout. 

Check out the short film here:

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So the 7 day shootout went down last week. We were successful in turning in a short film on time. (praise the heavens) In this episode I discuss a few details about that short film. Then I reminisce about all the 7 day shootouts that i've participated in since 2009. This was a late night episode, so it's extra dreamy for my dreamy friends.

Music in this episode is by Kevin Humler who provided the music for the score of our 2016 7 day shootout entry titled AURA. 

Check out the 7 Day shootout as part of the KNOXVILLE FILM FESTIVAL from August 26-28th. Find more info at

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As you may have noticed, I'm taking a step back as your favorite Knoxville filmmaking podcast. The Knoxville Film Festival's organizer, Keith McDaniel, has started a new podcast called "Tennessee Filmmaker." This will be the place where you can find news and info regarding East Tennessee filmmaking. I talk about this transition in this brief 4 minute podcast. 

TN Filmmaker: The podcast

Also available on iTunes.

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In this episode I discuss many aspects of my experience at the 2016 54 Film Fest creating a musical short film called, RONNIE JOINS A ROCK BAND. 

Check out the movie:

A link to the soundtrack by Deconbrio:

At the 11:40 mark of the podcast I address the controversy with the ballot stuffing/fraudulent voting for the Second Block's audience favorite award.

Say hello at

or @jacobpostretro 

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A few brief words about the 2016 54 Film Fest happening this weekend. (4/1-4/3) I reveal a few of my teammates  for this year's competition. (Still keeping a few close to the chest tho)

Learn more at


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Mike Stanley is something of a local legend in Knoxville's film community. He's been a working actor for the past 20 years. In this episode we get in our undies and discuss some of the pitfalls that actors can stumble into. Mike does a great job of educating my brain on many aspects of an actors life, which I consider valuable information for anyone in the world of film and video. 

Mike Stanley can be found at


Twitter: @actorMStanley 

Check out some of his competition and short film works at

have a good one, team.

As always, you can find me on twitter @jacobpostretro

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