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The Knoxville Film Festival 7 Day shootout Screening and award show happened this weekend. A $20k grand prize was up for grabs to the winning filmmakers. Get the story... I promise to keep it brief. 

Live show September 30th from 7-8pm at Scruffy City Hall, Downtown Knoxville. 

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This week I speak with new school filmmaking savages Chad Cunningham and Nick Grahl. Nick brought two teammates into the conversation and it was great to meet Brandon Bell and Michael Twombley.

The Knoxville film festival is going down THIS WEEK. Check out details at and don't miss any of the fun. 

$20k is on the line... in other words, It's going down.

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Trying something new.... there is a guest host today, folks!

Filmmaker Kelly Burke speaks with Keith McDaniel, Director of the Knoxville Film Festival.
Keith breaks the silence with his reactions to the 7 Day Shootout Films and gives great information about the 2015 Knoxville Film Festival. 

Big thanks to Kelly Burke for conducting the interview.

Learn more about the festival at

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